head injuries

Football icon Mike Ditka thinks concussions are enough of an epidemic to steer our children toward another, less dangerous
His Blackness I admire, mourn, and respect Mohammad Ali because he showed Americans - even the white male bigots on the south
These are the kinds of things that we wanted to look at to hopefully make legislators see that this was a mistake."
For elite college athletes, one or two helmetless drills per week significantly reduced head impacts.
Based on our research, we know that prevention is possible. We've made youth sports concussion one of our focus areas, but we can't solve this issue alone. All of us play a role in creating a culture of concussion safety. Here's how we can prevent sports-related head injuries.
He criticized Josh Donaldson for leaving a game after a head injury.
As another Super Bowl comes and goes, this time amidst a clamor over deflated footballs, I have to say I am happy to be living and working in a major metropolitan area that is still, for the moment, an NFL-Free Zone.
The game of football is being highly scrutinized and rightfully so. Wait, what? Yes, I think that there should be a national conversation about football and all other activities that could lead to concussions or other traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).
From my playing days when nothing short of requiring medical assistance was considered a concussion, to today when a seemingly mild knock to the head is and should be treated with an abundance of care, I have experienced different perspectives.