head injury

Kamel Abdel Rahman managed to recover from the horrific head injury with some sinus problems and a reduction in hearing.
Day is at least the third pro fighter to die from head injuries this year.
The New Jersey amusement park was notorious for head injuries, broken bones, horrific wounds and even deaths.
The aim is to prevent children in the seventh grade or younger from suffering traumatic head injuries.
Christann Shyvin Gainey was arrested after the 84-year-old died of a head injury at a nursing home last month.
Professional sports put an enormous strain on the human body. More and more retired athletes have spoken out about how the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis can ease a lot of the pain that players routinely face.
A new study suggests that traumatic brain injury could explain the memory problems, explosive anger, inability to control impulses, headaches and insomnia Henry VIII dealt with prior to his death in 1547.
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The Jaguars player went to block instead of going for the tackle.
Hopefully once more light is shed on the subject matter, concussion sufferers will no longer have to experience the shame and isolation that, despite the head injury, I remember so well.