Most people don't know the signs or the difference between different types of head pain, according to doctors.
For HuffPost Wellness' series 'Living With,' we're giving you a guide to navigating conditions that affect your mind and body.
Experts break down the different types of head pain, as well as their symptoms and causes.
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The distinction between a headache and a migraine can be hard to define.
A few weeks ago, my 8-year-old son experienced a blistering headache and needed to lie down. As every mom knows, you run
I can't physically be the person I want to be. And that's been a hard pill to swallow.
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In my mind, I went from being a "normal," healthy person who was typically busy from early in the morning to late at night -- to someone who had to reconcile that I was living with a chronic, neurological illness that put the brakes on all that activity I had taken for granted.
Childhood migraine is much more than a headache -- especially in kids and teens. In fact, they often don't feel head pain at all! It's important that parents, teachers and caregivers learn to identify the symptoms of childhood migraine so that kids can receive proper treatment.
Name That Headache According to the World Health Organization, headaches are among the most common disorders of the nervous
The way to treat brain freeze, Dr. Oz says, is to hold your tongue to the roof of your mouth. This keeps your mouth warmer
When it comes to headache treatment, it all depends on what type of headache you have to begin with. And although some headache
Managing headaches is a significant part of treating post concussive syndrome in my practice, particularly among high school kids, because of another major issue: pixelated screens.
A strong enough impact, or even a lighter impact at just the right angle (like a dodgeball to the head, a hit against a soccer pole or a sail boom), can jostle the brain forcefully within the skull.
It certainly seems confusing. The sudden onset of an explosive headache may be the only warning of a deadly condition. On the other hand, the vast majority of the time these headaches are benign and not a cause for alarm.