“I want to help other girls follow their dreams," owner Huda Quhshi says.
"It's time to really show what we can do with the hijab on," Muslim basketball star Indira Kaljo says.
As tough as this may be for people to hear, as long as I do not harm anyone with my headscarf, then no one needs to harm me by asking me to take it off.
Many Muslim women like myself recognize and appreciate that your intention is not to flaunt your privilege; nor is it to erase the experiences or trivialize the challenges that women like myself and I have encountered while wearing it.
A Muslim-Jewish organization in Germany held an interfaith rally last week to promote equal employment opportunities for
The Seventh-day Adventist Church -- with a more than century-long track record of defending religious freedom and the rights of religious minorities -- early on recognized the critical religious liberty implications central to this case.
In a statement, Abercrombie noted that the Supreme Court ruling did not find that the company discriminated against Elauf
The Seventh-day Adventist church and those diverse organizations who joined our amicus brief hope and pray that the Supreme Court strikes down the Tenth Circuit Court's unreasonable ruling that the burden is on a job applicant to ask for a religious exemption for rules he or she doesn't even know exist.
A federal district court agreed with Elauf and her lawyers in the case, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Abercrombie
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