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With protections gutted and benefits slashed, many are Republicans are leaving America's sick without much hope.
Melbourne, Australia, has pledged to double its tree canopy by 2040. "They are re-imagining the idea of the city in a forest
If you are hanging on to the cow's milk for calcium reasons alone, rest assured that its not your only option. There are plenty of options that can be even better for you than dairy.
Discover the incredible physical and emotional perks of planning your next trip.
As a beginner, you may become a victim of oversimplified concepts and half-truths. The problem for most people is just getting started. (As if getting off the couch isn't hard enough!) These 7 myth-busters will help you make smart choices and find real ways to meet your fitness objectives.
If working out first thing doesn't jibe with your schedule, all is not lost.
Some vegetable oils that are extracted from the seeds or a different fruit can be classified by the source, such as it being "nut" oil. Many times, vegetable oils are used for cooking, but other categories could be that they are used for cosmetics, fuel, or medical purposes.
PBS will broadcast a new documentary, 10 Parks That Changed America, on April 12th. Produced by WTTW in Chicago and featuring Geoffrey Baer, the show identifies the 10 most influential urban parks in the country, from the era of America's early settlers to the present day.
New York
Private employers all across the country are experimenting with ways to improve their employees' health and achieve more value for their health care dollars.
She makes you more optimistic Your closest girlfriends make hills in your path look smaller, just knowing they're standing
But they're still only getting half the money they were supposed to.
Tie your hair back and put on an old throwaway T-shirt--turmeric can stain. Apply the mask directly onto the face, including
Because the Cadillac tax will undercut benefits and punish employees who participate in FSA and HSA plans, patients will bear more upfront costs when they seek out medical care. That means more patients will forgo primary care, routine checkups, and treatment at the first signs of illness.
Queer Voices
It is one thing to advocate for policy or legislation for which there is no cost, another to proactively take responsibility for finding additional funds for a small, misunderstood minority.
Gratitude is a simple notion, yet one that we formally honor but once a year. But how does gratitude color our lives when we're not sitting around a table laden with turkey, stuffing and candied yams? When did you last pause to recognize and acknowledge the many things for which you are grateful?