Health Care Law

Even many who want the program gone think Republicans should come up with a replacement first.
As celebrated as MACRA was at the time for ending the widely unpopular method of setting fees, the law's true impact will be felt in the long term. It introduced a new payment structure aimed at rewarding physicians for high quality, good patient outcomes and efficiency, rather than volume of services.
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Now that he has declared his candidacy for president, after flirting with one in 2012, it is galling to see him rise in the polls presumably due to his telling it like it is, which a lot of people find refreshing, punctuating his hyperbole with cheap insults hurled at anyone who challenges him.
For the first time since they've polled people on the Affordable Care Act, more Americans like Obamacare than dislike it. And an overwhelming majority of citizens like the tax subsidies. Most feel the law works but could be improved with changes. The change they want is different from what opponents are talking about, however.
Today, the Republicans' voted for their 'Work Harder for Less' Budget. It is another shameless attempt to repeal Obamacare, despite all the clear benefits of the health care law.
Now is the time for the people of "non-expanding" states to appeal to and lead their lawmakers out of the convoluted ACA partisan landscape. It is time for the remaining 22 states to expand Medicaid - it just makes sense.
Newly reelected, Rick Scott should throw his weight behind closing the coverage gap, and build a coalition of conservative and liberal politicians to provide access to affordable health coverage for all Floridians.
During the same hearing, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Marilyn Tavenner announced that 7.3 million
Nearly three-quarters of registered voters in the 11 states considered likely to decide Senate control said they saw or heard
The Republican judges twisted themselves in knots to find a way to invalidate the law, while ignoring its intent, Edwards
Few political disasters have been so evidently painful as the launch of The Obamacare website flopped from
WASHINGTON -- The day Obamacare passed Congress in 2010 featured a witches' brew of political movements and historical forces
Health care reporters documented the process every step of the way. And now that it's over, they have a chance to relax a
The Congressional Budget Office has released updated estimates on the Affordable Care Act's impact on both the budget and the health insurance industry.
Even with those gains, a good chunk of the country will still lack coverage. The number of uninsured in 2014 will be 42 million
Nearly one week after White House enrollment numbers showed Obamacare surpassing the seven-million mark, an economist-driven
Calls to the offices of several of the senators behind the Obamacare modifications weren't returned. On Thursday, a leadership