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President Trump couldn’t close the deal on his Affordable Care Act repeal, even making a personal pitch to Republicans. Conservatives still opposed the plan.
President Trump couldn’t close the deal on his Affordable Care Act repeal, even making a personal pitch to Republicans. Conservatives still opposed the plan.
As the appointee to head the US Department of Health and Human Services under the new Administration of Donald Trump, I believe I speak for millions when I say we are worried about what you will do to our health care.
Despite dozens of past votes to repeal the health law in full or in part, Republicans never before have succeeded in sending a full repeal bill to the White House.
Whatever that political culture valued most highly, achieving good results clearly was not it. Now the same seems true of today's Republican Party, whose base lies in that same region. And how can one expect indifference to good results to lead to anything but damage to the nation?
Despite the online technology glitches, Bishnu worked through the application process with the help of a dedicated application counselor. When her insurance card arrived at her home, Bishnu's happiness was palpable.
“I came to Washington to find solutions to our country’s problems," the statement reads. "We cannot go back to the days when
In an effort to cynically score political points, the Republicans have taken up the cause of people who have received health insurance "cancellation" notices. The problem is that the Republicans aren't helping these people, they are exploiting them.
The economy doesn't actually have needs, desires or preferences - we do. If our elected representatives, now working on the economy's behalf, want to screw us, we at least deserve dinner first. Something a little nicer than you can purchase with food stamps.
Cruz's stated goal is that he wants to repeal Obamacare. His extortionary crusade will hurt millions of people and seriously disrupt our economy. But Cruz doesn't care.
I'm a conservative and would have voted against Obamacare if I were a member of Congress. I think that many of its provisions are silly and have criticized some of them rather loudly. That said, I'm likely to count myself among the winners as the revised health care system rolls out.
In an unusual week when the Republicans are at each other's throats, they're still on the same side in the fight that matters: They're for the insurance industry, not us.
"This administration cannot make its own law work," said Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., chairman of the Ways and Means Committee
Among the many life-changing freedoms Americans gained under Obamacare was the option to leave jobs at big employers to start their own businesses. But Republicans are fighting to take away this important new freedom.
Universal health care is a good thing and it will be popular; it is always popular. Even when is it over budget and poorly implemented, as it is in many countries, it remains popular. Why are we blind to this fact? I cannot comprehend our idiocy.
The American health care system is broken and quickly heading towards insolvency. For decades, politicians, from Hillary
The ACA is raising the quality of care, halting skyrocketing health costs, providing preventive care without co-pays, and eliminating the worst insurance company abuses. Instead of improving health care, the Republican repeal plan would take it away.
In the last Congress, the Republican-led House of Representatives voted 33 times to repeal all or part of the Affordable
Boehner has expressed this wish before, but in softer language. In an interview with ABC News earlier this month, he said
Just a third of Americans said they'd like to see the Affordable Care Act repealed -- the lowest percentage that Kaiser has