health crisis

It's promoting a scattered and conspiratorial response to a public health crisis.
Experts at Harvard discuss strategies and solutions that can save lives.
“This is a public health crisis," a lead researcher behind the Mayo Clinic study said.
A 29-year-old officer is the latest death in what the commissioner is calling a public health crisis.
As states sign strict anti-abortion measures into law, women in more and more states could lose access.
The black maternal mortality crisis is not improving. Doulas can help.
In 2017, 900 newborns with syphilis were reported in 37 states — the most in 20 years.
As Indiana governor, he responded to a horrifying health crisis with prayer instead of needle exchanges.
Health experts say we know how to stop sexually transmitted diseases. “We just don’t necessarily want to pay for it.”
Porn doesn't cause school shootings, but blaming America's ills on smut is a well-worn tactic.
The group calls for banning sales and possession of all assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines.
The state's governor just signed an anti-porn resolution based on blatant misinformation.
I will never be able to turn my attention away from addiction. It's time to start facing addiction with the urgency these deeply disturbing statistics demand and asking ourselves tougher questions -- and demanding better answers -- than ever before.
There is a public health crisis that is threatening the health and lives of men, women and children across our planet at an alarming rate, and the richest nations are affected as well as the poorest.
It's a sitting crisis. The offices we've imprisoned ourselves in are increasing our health care costs and taking a toll on our productivity and mental health.
By continuing to operate in and nearby health care infrastructure, Hamas has made a calculated decision that its own civilians' lives are less important than the condemnation Israel receives from damaging a health care facility, either intentionally or incidentally.
I think there are different levels and degrees of success depending on the person, and what influence and circumstances they've had in their life