Health department

New York City ordered mandatory measles vaccinations in parts of Brooklyn earlier this month amid a broad outbreak of the virus.
The Baltimore health commissioner, a Chinese immigrant, will take over Cecile Richards' role in November.
Nothing gives us pause as we're about to walk into a restaurant like a low grade from the local board of health.
What should be the religion of medicine, the religion of health care? "Kindness through service" I think. That's where I
In order to win the fight against the obesity epidemic, limiting portions is an important and necessary first step toward improving the health of all residents, regardless of where they live. Putting the brakes on big soda also will send a powerful message to the industry.
Veronica's story illustrates how clinicians can effectively address the social determinants of health by using tools that assess a patient's community and environmental circumstances, as well as by including non-medical providers as part of a health care team.
As infectious disease doctors, we routinely care for patients with meningitis, but never have we treated a case of aspergillus meningitis, the type of fungal infection that has caused more than a dozen deaths and sickened nearly 200 people in Tennessee and other states.
Did you ever think there could be a police crackdown against raw food? It's a reality, and right here in Los Angeles.
MANHATTAN -- Health inspectors hit the chic West Village restaurant Bobo with 62 health violation points on Saturday, forcing
He [the owner of a hookah lounge] adds that regulators have little understanding of hookah: “Even the health department, when
The new code of conduct also includes some tips on intra-office relationships, advising staffers to control their eavesdropping
"The goal of the health department is good," Williams, whose restaurant carries a "grade pending" sign, told amNY. "We just
New York City is a great place to spend the holidays, but too much drink can turn a celebration into a tragedy. Alcohol kills
New York City is a great place to spend the holidays, but too much drink can turn a celebration into a tragedy. Alcohol kills
GREENWICH VILLAGE -- The bookshelves and paintings lining Doma Café's white brick walls make it a popular spot to read or
In a report released today, city health and education researchers conclude that students' academic performance is linked
Fulton's on the River reopened Monday after failing two earlier city inspections that found a fruit fly infestation and other