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Title X provides federal dollars for health programs to detect, treat and prevent STIs. Obria Medical Clinic tells its patients that abstinence, not condoms, is the way to do that.
Lawmakers say the e-cigarette company paid tens of thousands of dollars to get access to children, although it claims it was trying to conduct health education efforts.
Officers recover the Colon Cancer Coalition's inflatable walk-through colon, polyps and all, about two miles from where it was taken.
“It’s never too early to have folks being educated," one advocate said.
For more information on bone healing, follow the links below:
Adriana Lopez Montoya, Santa Anita Farm School, Santa Anita, Tlajomulco de Zuniga, Mexico And that is how we arrive at this
Together, these grants will ensure that our leaders are representative of the future about which we dream - diverse, compassionate
"Youth are organizing, youth are resisting racism, youth are weaving, youth are uniting across cultures, youth are making
For the past 4 months across 5 countries, our team has held community meetings, worked the phones, had countless conversations, and traveled miles to find and support young environmental heroes. And the news is good!
Congratulations to our 7 recent East Africa Flow Fund Grantees: Jimmy Otim, Health Care Alliance, Lira, Uganda. Providing