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One of the first things that often suffers is the quality of food we eat.
Salad chain Sweetgreen announced two menu changes on Tuesday: The fast-growing and deep-pocketed company says it started contemplating how to make food healthier, and it's decided the first step is banning all traces of bacon, as well as Sriracha, from its 50 locations.
We're here to help. We've decided that it was high time to update our 2012 list of 20 "Healthy" Foods That Are Actually Unhealthy
Get ready for power bowls, spiralized veggies, ancient grains and more.
Don't be fooled by the hype.
We know more about health than we did in the '90s. Why haven’t nutrition labels caught up?
For starters, neither is healthy.
Why it's healthy: Eggs are considered the gold standard for high-quality protein, and can increase the body's levels of HDL
9. Snack on two handfuls of nuts per day This appears to be the average amount that Blue Zones centenarians are eating. A