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One of the first things that often suffers is the quality of food we eat.
Salad chain Sweetgreen announced two menu changes on Tuesday: The fast-growing and deep-pocketed company says it started contemplating how to make food healthier, and it's decided the first step is banning all traces of bacon, as well as Sriracha, from its 50 locations.
The health food industry in America often sets us up for failure. To be completely honest, we've reached a point at which
Get ready for power bowls, spiralized veggies, ancient grains and more.
We know more about health than we did in the '90s. Why haven’t nutrition labels caught up?
Plain Greek yogurt Level of processing: Basic processed. Live yogurt cultures are added to strained and pasteurized cow's
2. Consume meat no more than twice a week Families in most of the Blue Zones enjoy meat sparingly, as a side or a way to
Indulge in these dips, frozen treats and more -- and still have room for dinner. By Lynn Andriani Like Us On Facebook | Follow
By Janet Helm for U.S. News 1. Butter is back: Not really. While headlines and popular books are making a hero out of butter
So whether you’re still a wee lad (or lady), or already in your latter years, dairy foods provide potential health benefits
Some of the foods listed in here may be brand new to you and some may be foods you've eaten for years. One thing is certain though: regardless of how new, old or trendy these foods may become in the next year, all of them will help to improve your health. After all, good health is a trend that never goes out of style.
Maybe breadfruit can solve the world's hunger problem, too. Clarification: Language has been modified to indicate that The