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Perimenopause doesn't only play games with your body; it messes up your moods. There may be days when you feel like you're surrounded by the most gorgeous shoes on earth, but you can't find your size.
But that doesn't mean that Longoria was satisfied with her new look: "It was probably the most unhealthy place I've ever
While writing my novel, I accessed dark emotional truths. But I think I learned something: If one's past is cooked correctly and honestly, it's bound to leave the writer with a bit of indigestion.
Dr. Raj: Starting with the September issue, my Health magazine column will be called "What the Yuck?!" and I'll also continue
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Do we see pressure for men to have an "ideal body type" in other ways besides mannequins? Sure. Men are now being subjected to airbrushing in the media to give them the perfect body.
The New Yorker profile of Jerome Kerviel may make you want to sell all your stocks and bonds and put them under the bedroom mattress.