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Climate change: We can't be secure within our borders if the planet is unsafe. Action to cut greenhouse gas emissions, make
Some of the most worrisome impacts of climate change on the United States may not happen here directly. Extreme heat, extreme
Rumors about Clinton's health highlight Trump's growing desperation.
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That's the good news. The bad news, according to an article in Huffington Post United Kingdom, is that kale also contains
As athletes with cancer continue to come forward, the government is investigating whether synthetic fields are truly safe.
Emergency room physicians see all kinds of grisly stuff, which made us wonder: What products do they consider so hazardous they ban them from their homes and yards? Here are the everyday items that scare these accident front-liners the most.
A very good reason to go for a walk right now.
•Cuts that don't heal well or infections that are difficult to get rid of RELATED: 27 Mistakes Healthy People Make However
After an exposé on nail salons, the health risks of working in a hair salon are also coming to light. Stylists may be at risk of chronic lung diseases, skin conditions and even cancer. What can be done to better regulate products and practices?
Commuting is rarely anyone’s favorite time of day, but it can be more than just an inconvenience: All those hours spent in
A group of Korean researchers who set out to explore the distinguishing characteristics of morning and night chronotypes
There's a robust body of scientific research demonstrating that EPAP is an effective method for treating sleep-disordered breathing, including snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.
We're still in the earliest weeks of the fall semester, during which new students are most acutely at risk for alcohol-related injury, death and other incidents. Though physically distant, parents remain the biggest role models in their students' lives.
Dr. Kenneth Alleyne, of the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, noted that even after serious injuries, it seems
Physical activity is protective of our health and so is spiritual activity.