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Here are the risks of going to restaurants, seeing family and friends, traveling and more after getting vaccinated against the coronavirus.
As COVID-19 cases surge, many Americans are ignoring health guidelines with beach days and vacations. Pretending the coronavirus crisis doesn't exist will just stretch it out longer.
Car crashes: 35,092 people died in car crashes in the U.S. in 2015, up from 32,744 in 2014 (NHTSA). The percentage increase
These social cost estimates imply that a year of U.S. emissions currently causes about $200 billion of damage. If the U.S
Rumors about Clinton's health highlight Trump's growing desperation.
In the article, Consumer Reports' chief medical adviser notes that there are certain situations in which a person might truly
Sexually transmitted diseases aren't something that people like to talk about, but love isn't all valentines and roses. When
As athletes with cancer continue to come forward, the government is investigating whether synthetic fields are truly safe.
Emergency room physicians see all kinds of grisly stuff, which made us wonder: What products do they consider so hazardous they ban them from their homes and yards? Here are the everyday items that scare these accident front-liners the most.