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“When wellness is constantly marketed as a white woman who is eating really exclusive food, people don't see themselves represented in that,” said Lopez.
The Mediterranean Diet is the top healthy eating plan of 2019, and breakfast salad can improve your mood for the whole day. This recipe kills two birds with one stone.
There are hidden killers in our broken food system, says a new report released at the World Economic Forum.
From pantry staples and healthy dupes, to gadgets and cookware.
There's a perception in the black community that eating healthy means eating like white people, but it doesn't have to be that way.
If you're already eating a balanced diet, you can save yourself the bother.
There's a whole movement that combines beer drinking and fitness.
When faced with a fruit dessert vs. a chocolatey dessert, we make some pretty interesting decisions based on uninformed ideas about nutrition.
Yes, I have found that people do not want to either change or be told they are not eating the right foods. And a powerful
With lists such as these I always wonder if people understand that a "superfood" may fall in and out of favor. That doesn't
As mentioned, vitamin A comes in two forms: retinol and beta-carotene. Its form depends on whether its source is plant- or
So, what is considered a healthy breakfast? Your breakfast menu should contain one or more of the following food groups: Food
It feels good to feel strong and capable in my body. It feels good to feel confident in my body. It feels good to have more mental space for all the other important things in my life.
As a clinician, I'm most interested in positively influencing the health of my patients, both adults and children. To that end, I'm less interested in whether an individual food is "healthy" and much more concerned with promoting a healthy eating style.
I was afraid that my shoulders would give way and the barbell would come crashing down on me. This is why Amy Morin's 13
No, we are not, absolutely not, emphatically NOT clueless about the basic care and feeding of Homo sapiens. The fundamental