Healthy fast food

They let us in on their secrets to finding nutritious foods in places where you may think it's just not possible.
A Thai diet is rice-based rather than wheat-based, so is naturally good for gluten-free diets (you'll need to use gluten-free soy sauce and stock cubes though) and those looking to cut down on eating wheat.
Gillian Francella is a writer, editor, and newly converted vegan/vegetarian living in Philadelphia. Through trial and error
Check nutrition labels to find out what's really in the product. If you don't recognize an ingredient don't but it. Below are five tips for making healthy snack choices for kids:
Some days, grabbing your food to-go is unavoidable. Here's how to keep the nutritional damage to a minimum. By Emma Haak
But getting rid of a food desert doesn't magically solve all of the nutritional problems of the people who live there. It's
Note: None of the experts interviewed below work with McDonald's or were compensated for their responses. These kind of experiences
HuffPost Food Reporter Joe Satran and Culinary Nutritionist Stefanie Sacks join Caitlyn to talk about if the nutritional information provided by fast-food restaurants really dictates what's healthy and what's not.
HuffPost Food Reporter Joe Satran joins Caitlyn to talk about a new vegetarian offering from McDonald's.