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Now comes the fun part - Create a tasty, "adios to spring allergy treat " 3 avocados (peeled and mashed) Add: fresh cilantro
Let's face it. We would all love to look 10 years younger, but the vast majority of us wouldn't go under a plastic surgeon's
Muscling Through Macro Numbers Don't fear calories on your quest to becoming bigger, stronger, and faster. By incorporating
4. And if you want the cream of the crop, go for extra-virgin. Extra-virgin olive oil is the highest quality--it contains
Instead of focusing on what not to eat, this study is about encouraging foods we should eat.
To put it into perspective, a single avocado can have up to 500 calories. "Healthy fat is still a fat, and just like unhealthy
Remember when you feed your body, you feed your brain too. Try to start really noticing how much effect different foods have on your mood swings. You will be surprised at the results!
By Esther Crain You drink too much alcohol That pre-dinner cocktail or glass of wine meant to whet your appetite before dinner
The body needs some fat -- just not too much. Fat gives your body energy, keeps your skin and hair healthy, helps you absorb
Why has this butter become a fad?
Last month a study of siblings found that breastfeeding conferred no health advantages, while a second study declared older paternal age to be associated with psychiatric problems in children. A third study found no link between saturated fats and heart disease. It was a month of unexpected, and sometimes unsettling, science.
Here's the bottom line: You don't have to limit healthy fat in your diet. What you have to limit are trans fats and sugars. Period. End of story.
As a nutritionist counseling clients on heart health, rather than advise clients just on what foods to avoid, I like to empower them by offering healthy food choices and substitutions to make.
Today, science has shown that it isn't the amount of fat you eat that matters, but the type of fat. Overconsumption of saturated and trans fats may lead to heart disease, but if used to replace these unhealthy fats, mono- and polyunsaturated fats can lower the risk of heart disease.
I'm not advocating a ban on carbs as a quick weight loss scheme. I don't believe in quick weight loss schemes or diets. But I am convinced as a nation we eat too many carbs, especially refined carbs.
You probably know that avocados are an excellent source of healthful fats, but this whole food may also have other unique health benefits.
When trying to shed pounds, it seems logical to remove as much fat from your diet as possible, but experts show that consuming
Dietary fat is a hot topic full of conflicting information and controversy. Here is a brief breakdown of the most important facts you need to know.