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For more about the Global Union of Scientists for Peace go to The GUSP cites 23 scientific published studies showing
Is there a standout moment from your work with Parents For Better Beginnings? Teaching women prenatal yoga in this community
his is an interview with Lisa Gabriella Mehos, a certified yoga instructor and nutritional coach.
However, it wasn't as if I worked through five stages, graduated from the school of grief, and was free from heartache forever. I spent a great deal of time facing my grief, and I still do feel sorrow, but I own my life again.
This is an interview with Josefin Wikstrom, who has been practicing yoga for the past 24 years. She has been dancing since she was a teenager, and teaching yoga the past 10 years in Sweden and internationally.
Your mom wanted to get better. She wanted to heal. She knew you deserved the best possible version of herself that she could
The following research suggests yoga is a promising complementary therapy for substance abuse and addictions. Researchers
What has been the greatest challenge in your teaching experience, and what tools have you developed for addressing that challenge
A yoga teacher and marketing director for the nonprofit Yoga 4 Change, a 501c3 supported in partnership with Meriden's Women and Families Center, Aidee teaches yoga at the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Pre-Trial Detention Facility in Jacksonville, FL.
Is there a standout moment from your work with the Veteran population? How has this work changed your definition of service