If your dog is a food thief--and what dog isn't?--check out the list of foods at that may be toxic to your dog. You'd be surprised at how many foods can pose a problem.
We love our pets, endless snuggles, laughter, entertainment and unconditional love. Yesterday was National Pet Day and we're
After I got married and had two kids of my own, I vowed that I would give them the pet experience I never had. We adopted a dog -- an irresistible floppy-eared basset hound named Darwin -- soon followed by cats, each lovable in its own disdainful way.
6. "Why don’t cats roar like their larger ancestors?" The cat family has 37 species, 38 if you count the house cat. But the
Research now tells us that dogs will look us in the eye, track our eye movements (at the level of a 6-month-old child) and
A high-quality pet treat will not contain grains or unnecessary fillers, rendered animal by products, added sugar (sometimes hidden in ingredients like molasses and honey), chemicals, artificial preservatives, or ingredients known to be highly allergenic to pets.
Fred and I have spent almost every day together since he was weaned by his mother. At the Lundgren home, we are known as "Big Fred" and "Little Fred," but we both come to attention whenever my wife calls our name.
If you notice that your pet is drinking more water, urinating more frequently, eating well but losing weight, please take your pet to your veterinarian as soon as possible. A diagnosis of diabetes mellitus may be the reason for your pet's ill health.
It may be hard to swallow the fact that the fuzzy creature in your lap or at your feet has similar wiring to his wild cousins, but it's a fact I wish more pet owners would embrace.
We are the only species of animal that has developed a diet that is essentially toxic for us. We are now giving this "nutrition" to our pets, livestock, and zoo animals, not realizing that we are dooming them to follow us on our path to poor health.
Although I would like to believe that my dogs are miraculous, the fact is that any dog can have this effect on people. There is something calming and centering about connecting with an animal.
When many people think of massage, they think of guilty pleasure -- something they might be willing to splurge on only occasionally, perhaps on vacation. And for themselves, not the family pet!
List and captions courtesy of Mother Nature Network. From Mother Nature Network's Morieka Johnson: A: Lulu prefers to destroy
From Mother Nature Network: Q: I want to get my family a puppy for Christmas. Where's the best place to look? A: Resist the
Pets are especially impacted by the dangerous chemicals in your home because they live so close to the ground, both indoors and out. So where should we look for the greatest dangers?
Below, Heidi Ganahl, CEO and Founder of Camp Bow Wow, presents several tips to help you reduce your pet's environmental impact
Teamwork has never been more adorable. Want more dogs? Check out these photos below for some puppies galore! If you want
Upon learning about this opportunity, PETA and Bob Barker teamed up to create a petition requesting that all adopted and
WATCH "The Early Show" report: -- The month-old puppy, which may now be named Lucky, is back with its owners. Ten-year-old
Two thirds of American households count at least one pet as part of the family -- and one study has even found that we may