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Know Yourself. Some of my clients have told me that strategic snacking has enabled them to lose weight that they've never
I know what you're thinking.... healthy cookie dough, does that even exist? Oh yes, it does!
The busier you are, the more energy you need, and the more "you are what you eat" rings true. You need to be at tip-top performance, all day, every day -- so make sure that what you're putting into your body is ready to meet the challenge.
Indulge in these dips, frozen treats and more -- and still have room for dinner. By Lynn Andriani Like Us On Facebook | Follow
We've found cinnamon-toast-infused chocolate bars, jerky you'll actually want to eat, yogurt for people who thought they
These insta-pick-me-ups are way better than what you'll find in most vending machines. Plus, you can stash them in your drawer
  What's great about this recipe, besides that the bars are delicious, is the flexibility of ingredients. Can't find flaxseeds
Prone to pizza cravings? Instead of indulging in calorie-heavy slice after slice, try this pizza-inspired snack that infuses
Ingredients Pour the drained garbanzo beans into a medium mixing bowl with the onion powder and smoked paprika. Mix well