healthy snacks

We've got one word for you: protein. It keeps your metabolism going and curbs hunger, so you won't need to eat as much later.
Flint Lint Remover. Who knew a lint roller could be so design forward? Innovative, colorful and made for the road, this retractable
A little of this plus a little of that. It all adds up to yummy! Click here to download my Smoothie 101 Basics handout for
One of the first things that often suffers is the quality of food we eat.
By Bettina Makalintal Zoodles—that’s short for “zucchini noodles”—are made with a kitchen gadget called a spiralizer, which
Homemade applesauce is richly flavored, tart and sweet -- almost like apple pie filling -- and a world apart from store-bought
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But what is equally important in my house is that they taste so good you forget it's a better-for-you snack. They have become
It's a nightly habit for some of us. You're lying in bed, totally exhausted, and for some reason can't catch a wink. Or perhaps you fall asleep, then wake up a couple of hours later to an endless cycle of tossing and turning that culminates in a 4:00 a.m. Instagram-stalking session. Could you have prevented the restlessness with a simple fix? Yes, and here's a hint: It has to do with what you ate for dinner.
Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and lightly coat a mini muffin pan with vegetable spray or line with
I'm no nutritionist (in fact, I'm not even a vigilant parent when it comes to healthy eating) but even I know that it is impossible to reconcile any claim that popsicles and popcorn are bad and that corn dogs and nachos are good, especially in the context of "health and wellness."
Eating well doesn't require a massive lifestyle overhaul. Rather, it is the cumulative effect of small, realistic changes. Congratulate yourself for taking the first steps to becoming a healthier you this summer!
It keeps your metabolism going and cravings at bay until the next meal. However, eating the wrong foods during snack time could significantly obstruct your goal to weight loss. Sugars, fats and carbs love to hide in foods disguised or packaged as "healthy."
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If you're someone who craves french fries this avocado fry fix could end your cravings for good! This yummy recipe hits the spot and you won't miss all the salt with a spicy, creamy dip to indulge your taste buds.
Watch your Weekends. Weekends can be a tough time to diet. You're off schedule. You're socializing and spending time with
Judi and Shari Zucker not only discuss how to transform your life with diet and lifestyle changes, they show you how to transform
Free food is considered a "perk" in many offices, but this benefit may have an unexpected price: pounds gained. Even though the snacks provided by my client's employer were seemingly healthier choices, a daily trip or two to the cupboard added up to hundreds of extra calories.
Why We Love the Showstopping Style of Afropunk's Leading Ladies 5. Popcorn This snack has all the crunch of chips or pretzels