Healthy Travel

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Lucius Seneca Although these words were recorded thousands of
As much as traveling can be fun and enriching, it can also be upsetting and disruptive to a healthy diet… so much that, at
From different foods and new climates to foreign diseases and the stress of being in a new place, health while traveling can decline quickly if you aren't careful.
We all know taking a vacation is important for our mental health and well-being. We need to unplug, recharge, break up the monotony of our routines and get away from it all. But, our fitness on the other hand doesn't need a vacation.
I will always stay "on" a wagon. We resign ourselves to the fact that we are "off" the wagon. I'll give you an example. My
Traveling with company can be an incredible bonding experience that creates shared memories. Despite this, I definitely believe that the best moments abroad were the ones spent traveling alone.
2016 offers an exciting time to travel abroad, whether it's to new destinations like Cuba, to cheer your country on in the Olympics, or to extend a business trip into a leisurely one. It has never been easier to travel, and if you are aware of the risks abroad, it is now easier to properly prepare for a trip.
Short term, jet lag can lead to sleep loss and gastrointestinal problems, says Helen Burgess, Ph.D., director of the Biological
Apart from depriving yourself the chance to enhance your productivity and work performance, avoiding taking a break can lead to stress overload and other potentially damaging effects on your health, experts say.
Let's be real: travel is anything but a perfect experience.  Thankfully, experts agree upon the one easy (and cheap!) thing
Group tours, guided treks and big-name cruises sound like great vacation ideas at first, but then there are all. those. people
Unfortunately, the B-tourist has yet to hit the market (collective, jetlagged *SIGH*). It's the perfect place to eat a snack
Happy travels! 7. Be strategic with your snacking. Nobody wants to sit next that dude on an airplane -- avoided potent foods
The Sleeper Scarf may look like your typical too-trendy infinity scarf. But it actually doubles as an inflatable neck pillow
You NEED to escape. But where? Napcabs aren't the only tight-quartered sleeping options for travelers: In Japan, capsule
As personal health and wellness initiatives continue to gain momentum by leaps and bounds, travelers are taking a stand and refusing to sacrifice their latest lifestyle changes when they leave home.
I lost precious sleep, felt anxious, was down and out and lost interest in travel or writing. It was probably one of the worst times of my life... I had after all been traveling non-stop for many years, sometimes making as many as 12 trips in a year.
But there is something incredible, something so unexpected, about doing yoga in an airport. It allows you time to stop and breathe in a space that asks for nothing and leaves you craving nothing. And when you're ready, you can go -- go anywhere in the world you'd like.
Any time you cross two or more time zones on a flight, Sventek says, jet lag might ensue as your brain catches on to the
Pricing varies depending on the kind of wellness package the guest chooses. (A juice will run you about $6, for example, while