I can’t think clearly when I’m hearing trigger sounds. My only thought is of the need to escape.
They'll settle for Mueller repeating what he's already written in his report.
People heard Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's words in planes, bars, and on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
Bill Cosby could face up to 30 years in prison on three sexual assault charges.
This time, you can change what you hear with your mind.
Mark Zuckerberg is facing days of questioning on Capitol Hill about Facebook’s data scandal, in which Cambridge Analytica obtained personal information from over 87 million users.
Mark Zuckerberg’s first day of congressional testimony included explanations of some basic tech concepts.
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos finally agreed that schools that discriminate shouldn't receive federal funding.
Congressman Larson uses his 5 minutes to blow off some steam by venting his frustration over flying
Former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue has been confirmed as Secretary of the Department of Agriculture.