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Evolution may be working against our solid eight hours per night.
Stress is one of those things that most of us accept as a normal part of living. Yet how good are we at coping with it? While
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So here's what happens as a result. As far back as 2011, some owners of Fitbit exercise sensors noticed that their sexual
Photo Credit: Heather Hummel Photography Normally, I love living on the outskirts of town where quiet and privacy are paramount
"We're trying to make it more fitness-based than game-based," Hawkins told host Nancy Redd. "We went and visited some other
Does our present high-sugar diet do to us what the "garbage dump diet" did to the baboons? Weight gain, pre-diabetes and alarming cholesterol elevations are all results of our diet too. Like the baboons, we humans will certainly respond to dietary insults in a variety of ways.