Heart-Shaped Box

Well, it's spelled Calais, it's clearly named after the French port of the same name, seeing that Maine was part of the former
Here's the best thing on the Internet this week: Kawehi, a one-woman band based in Kansas, covering Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped
As Rolling Stone points out, this version of the 1993 video had been released previously in a compilation of Corbijn's other
Named for the license plate on Manx's murderously sentient Rolls Royce, NOS4A2 is Joe Hill's homage to traditional horror after two novels that did not adhere as clearly to genre conventions.
Rounding out the final A-Sides trifecta of 2012 are Hunter Valentine, a metal-inspired all-female rock act that can wail
Lana Del Rey managed to make it through her slow-tempo cover of Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box" without a hitch, but now Courtney
Featuring a protagonist who is simultaneously villain and victim, Horns seeks to revisit the concept of the hero -- can a hero be someone who does something truly monstrous?