I feel a catch as the air pours into my lungs and I grip onto the very breath that knowingly has given me this moment. My
This lesson may seem difficult at first, but with your persistent wish to understand it, you will one day wonder how you
Believe me, I've loved you ... more than I've loved myself. And I swear I've always put your happiness before mine. Life
I don’t know how it happened. I’ve connected with a young widow newer on this journey than I.  My dear wister (widow sister
It gets at something beneath the surface and can break open the path toward healing.
3) Self responsibility does not mean self-blame. Although you are responsible for fixing the problem, your current habits
This has by far been the most difficult year for me personally in my entire life. It seems I woke up one morning and had lost my marriage, two of my kids, my finances, my career was on the rocks and I almost lost my life. We are only five months in and I see no respite in sight.
For many people, falling in love means becoming more vulnerable. It arouses our primal abandonment fear. It bubbles up from the deep, giving rise to feelings of insecurity that can cause some of us to become needy, clingy, or demanding, and others angry, frozen, or avoidant.
You can't wholeheartedly love anything or anyone without accepting the good with the bad. You've gotta love the fights, breakups, tears, and loneliness just as much as you love the candle lit dinners, chance meetings, and roses.
It happens all the time, without fail. The sweetest girl goes for that terrible worthless bad boy - AGAIN! She has so much