"She got a little upset," State Sen. Kris Jordan said. "Girls do that."
That's before some women even realize they're pregnant.
“It put us at peace knowing that Katelyn’s heart is still beating even though it’s not in her.”
If foreign policy had a soundtrack, it would be the opposite of easy listening. Really, could anyone listen to a symphony
I'm actually doing this interview from a casino in Reno, NV where I'm doing a show. Our producers have been generous with
"What's common between Love and Music? Love is about sharing and being 'in tune' with somebody, so it is the creation of music, a concert is a combined action where the performers are also 'in tune' creating harmony."
Heartbeat was born to not only teach young musicians how to make music and perform, but to coexist respectfully among one another.
Heartbeat is one group bringing together young Israelis and Palestinians in Jerusalem to create music as a tool to build trust and inspire peace.
I am living proof that a heart-healthy lifestyle and the effective use of preventative medicines are as important as hereditary predispositions.
Are you awake at 3 a.m.? Forgetting the names of your own children? Suddenly losing your keys, your temper and your mind?