Meghan Markle, Jennifer Aniston and more on how to get over heartbreak.
I know why you're here. Now you come in different ways. Often in the form of headlines - inescapable, everywhere I look. 'Woman
3 a.m can't sleep crying so hard my pillow has no dry side. 'you do not have to be good' writes mary k.a.l even now i read
I'm writing this post with a lot of love for women who are nursing a broken heart.
I want to know love. And until I do, you'll find me staring up at the moon. Wishing. Believing. Waiting, for you.
Believe me, I've loved you ... more than I've loved myself. And I swear I've always put your happiness before mine. Life
I've called you, after being drunk and so alone, I felt my insides collapse on top of each other. Maybe it's the grief, but
I'm not setting out to find some version of my former self.
My husband of 22 years walked out in January. So my future is completely unwritten, right down to my health insurance and the financial part of my livelihood.
It's the 21st century. You are free to do things that were illegal just 17 years ago. You can even marry someone who's of the same sex as you if you choose, how liberating is that! This is a time to live in your truth and speak it without remorse.