Meghan Markle, Jennifer Aniston and more on how to get over heartbreak.
You stepped it up again a few years ago when my life took an unexpected turn. My little life blueprint I'd built had been
k.a.l i try to convince my young inconsolable self that this might be true but she disagrees insisting that our badness is
I'm writing this post with a lot of love for women who are nursing a broken heart.
What does it really take to be resilient? Emily Rapp Black finds out.
I want to know love. And until I do, you'll find me staring up at the moon. Wishing. Believing. Waiting, for you.
And what has pained me the most is that you're standing right in front of me. But it's gone, and I can't search for it anymore
Shit, I always do this to myself. End up loving men who can't and won't carry me in their hands. So, I'm writing and I don't
I'm not setting out to find some version of my former self.
My husband of 22 years walked out in January. So my future is completely unwritten, right down to my health insurance and the financial part of my livelihood.
It's the 21st century. You are free to do things that were illegal just 17 years ago. You can even marry someone who's of the same sex as you if you choose, how liberating is that! This is a time to live in your truth and speak it without remorse.
I have to figure out how to stand in the median when it comes to love. I have to learn to accept that people cannot always live up to my expectations and won't, and that should be okay. I also need to learn to stop thinking that when one falls short, that that's it. It's over. Instead, I need to breathe. Find ways to bounce back and recover. Not hold a grudge.
Breakups suck. There are the tears, the awkward conversations with family members, sometimes even the exchanging of boxes
"You gonna wear heels?" she shouted from beside the stereo in the back of the darkened studio. Her brown eyes locked into mine in the mirror. Pausing to think, I pursed my lips together. "No, I think I'll be barefoot. In stockings," I called back, nodding my head to myself as I envisioned the fishnets, the garter belt.
Because without you I'd never know that I am capable of coming back from the worst darkness I could ever imagine. And I don't just survive, I come back stronger. You helped me realize the greatest thing I'll ever know.
It doesn't matter who you are, what you did, or how you ended up together - the truth that I had to eventually own was that