"This may be the oldest intact example of early chemical education in this country."
This year's event will have an extra special amount of love and support. In the three previous years, my co-host has been the NYC great, Chef Gerry Hayden who was fighting the same disease. Not only was he a brother in arms, his beautiful and talented wife is Chef Claudia Flemming, the evening's pastry chef.
It's an investment of effort and resources that pays great dividends in meaty joy.
Nonetheless, study researcher Avi Gopher, an archaeologist from Tel Aviv University, said in an interview with Nature at
Chef Marco Canora -- who yesterday was named a semifinalist for the James Beard Foundation's best chef in New York City award
Becky Wasserman Hone, the name behind the great French importing company, Becky Wasserman Selections, echoes the sentiments
New York City is emerging as an example of how a narrow focus on housing can have serious unintended consequences for so many homeless families.
We still have four more weeks until the Vernal Equinox, when we will emerge into the light. Let us use this remaining time of darkness well.
Beef and chicken, so has been. Pork is in.