Pop superstar Pink’s heartwarming gesture to comfort a grieving fan will give you the feels.
We wish this handsome fellow the best of luck in the wild! Melanie examined the cat, commenting on the beautiful condition
Do you still feel the holiday warmth? Our house for sure still breathes hot chocolate, cookies, spiced goose, gifts, generosity and good company. I love it, and would like it to linger.
"The older gentleman moved without hesitation... and gave him a step-by-step tutorial."
The sound of wind rushing past my ears, the hot sun on my back, a canopy of pale green beneath me, company of my own kind waiting. I had been given something most of us only dream. A second chance.
Many nights, after I read a story to my soon to be 9-year old daughter, Meera, I sit on her bed and meditate until she falls asleep.
"Before she even knew how to read, she already liked picture books," her cousin and godmother Marina Fortes told The Huffington
This 2-week old kitten miraculously survived a massive fire that left 150 people homeless, and shelter staff is striving to reunite her with her owner.
Most dog owners think their pooch could be the next and cutest viral internet sensation. But I think they’ll have a hard time beating this pair.
Whatever your story is, this is a time where we either learn about consumerism, or the magic of a holiday Season that can reconnect us with our humanity--with what it means to give and receive.
A working mother hunted for boots that her teenage daughter wanted for Christmas. She looked for weeks hoping to find the expensive boots. An emergency car repair bill came up, meaning the mother spent the boot money.
The wedding rings recovered from Besk's burned down home Last year, U.K. woman Brenda Caunter was reunited with her wedding
"The look he gave me, I knew that he wanted to live," Wagner told CBC News. "So, we did everything we could." It's those
Ridhi Rohatgi, Raj Sampad and Siladitya Ray, artists behind live-action, short-film company Incendiary Films, noticed him
The Internet has made old-fashioned things possible on a global scale while making the world feel sort of cozy and nice. Which means the digital world just brought back kindness. And that's a very good thing.
Guinness is back with another heartwarming advertisement this Fourth of July. To create the video, the beer maker again teamed