Many have no access to air conditioning and are being punished for taking off their shirts, one advocacy group said.
At the Mendota prison, whistleblowers say no air conditioning during record heat and toxic mold imperiled inmates and staff.
Multiple wildfires are raging across California.
Japan has been battered by intense heat for close to two weeks but the mercury soared on Monday.
Temperatures in Montreal could feel as high as 113 degrees on Thursday, the seventh day of intense heat in the region.
A bear had the perfect summer afternoon. It swam in a jacuzzi, sipped on a margarita and topped it off with a nap in the shade.
At one coastal airport, the 1983 record was shattered by 15 degrees.
Does Trump's "America First" agenda include letting Americans die?
Fifty years later, the crew of the movie reflects on its groundbreaking legacy.
Trick-or-treating was a steamier-than-usual affair for millions of Americans this Halloween. Forecasters say the heatwave will not let up this week.
Sort of makes you really think about what's a real EE-mergency, and what ain't. After we shook hands, I noticed a very large
By monitoring heat in Harlem apartments, the Harlem Heat Project hopes to protect all community members from the dangerous effects of global warming.