Heat Stroke

Even with aggressive reductions in carbon emissions, extreme heat is going to get worse, a new study has found.
By Paul Feldman, FairWarning Each year, roughly three dozen children die of heatstroke in unattended vehicles. Today three
We can't underestimate the link between climate change and our well-being.
If you're experiencing these symptoms, seek cooler temperatures ASAP.
"It gets harder as the kids get older," the future Hall of Fame quarterback said.
This month′s top workout tracks are a little slower than usual—which reflects a general shift in tastes to tracks with lower
The impacts of the climate crisis can be perilous and even fatal.
With the mid-point of the summer season blazing forth, heat waves such as that experienced by the New York area last week are not out of sight yet. While uncomfortable for most, brutally high temperatures and humidity can be especially exhausting - and dangerous - for the expectant mom, whose body temperature is already a little bit higher than normal and who is at higher risk for dehydration due to morning sickness and frequent bathroom pit stops.
As we focus on child safety tips this summer, one of the most dangerous incidents happens in something we use everyday: a car. 37 children die every year from being left in a hot vehicle in easily-preventing accidents. Vice President of Kids And Cars Susan Auriemma gives us an in-depth look at the issue of vehicle safety and accident prevention.
Additionally, the device has a cooling system that activates when it senses dangerously high temperatures, to keep the child's