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The actor's daughter with Richie Sambora, Ava Sambora, channeled both of her parents in an outfit she took right from her mother's closet.
The "Melrose Place" actress was released from jail hours earlier.
The actress is also accused of battering three deputies when they tried to take her away.
I hope it is entertaining, relatable food for thought. Reflecting Adrianne from Michael Angelo on Vimeo. It has been said
"I don't know if the writers really planned on all of this happening..."
When my husband and I moved to Los Angeles, we immediately got with the program. Everyone was a hyphenate. He became husband-writing partner. Me... wife-writing partner. Everyone wanted to meet us... the new husband-wife team.
Heather Locklear attended the opening of "Evita" Thursday in Los Angeles with her new boyfriend in tow: Beverly Hills plastic
At 51 years old, the former "Melrose Place" star looks as if she hasn't aged a bit since playing Amanda Woodward on the hit
It turns out, a lot of the video -- called “Heather Locklear Presents Your Personal Workout” -- is actually on YouTube. But
Or, as she put it, "I like zombies. They’re predictable. They never get tired. And they don’t take everyone out for ‘70s