“It’s easy to judge, much tougher but important to understand how it happens," a memory expert explains.
Does Trump's "America First" agenda include letting Americans die?
According to data tracking supported by the National Safety Council, 661 children died of heatstroke between 1998 and 2015
It wasn't just a routine day for Reggie McKinnon. On March 8, 2010, Reggie, a loving father of three beautiful daughters, left work mid-day to take his 17-month-old daughter, Payton Lyn, to the doctor to have her ears checked following a recent surgery. After the appointment, Reggie hurried back to work.
One can only hope that by creating National Heatstroke Prevention Day, there'll be more public awareness to the growing danger of leaving a child unattended in a heated vehicle.
"Definitely a great reminder and message to spread, but it isn't fair to call parents [who] have left children in cars 'fools
The number of children dying from vehicle-induced heatstroke is heartbreaking. We are barely into the hot summer months of 2014, and have already lost the lives of at least 15 children.
Last summer in Houston, Jason Nordman was walking in the parking lot outside an office building and spotted a baby crying in a car seat alone in a car. The windows were cracked a few inches and the doors were locked.
Patch reports the child had a temperature of 108 degrees when he was cared for at the hospital. According to the Macomb Daily
"We each thought the other was going to bring her inside from the van because she was taking a nap, and put her in the crib
As summer temperatures continue to reach record highs across the country, it's important to remember that while these summer days are great for the pool and the beach, they're not so good for the inside of cars, which can raise to deadly temperatures in a very short period of time.
No. Which is why I keep asking this question. So what to do, systematically, to lessen the chances of such simple but fatal
By Lisa LaValle Overmyer It's Getting Hot In Here -- The Need-To-Know Short of removing all of one's clothing, Nelly might
So far, the most frightening result of this particular heat wave is the fueling of the Colorado wildfires after days upon
One simple and effective way to improve your health is to stay hydrated - this is even more important in light of this summer's