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Rockstars grabbed their stitching needles to compete in the first-ever heavy metal knitting world championship.
Voice of Baceprot is fighting stereotypes about Muslim women.
5. "lite metal intensifies the melodic component [of heavy metal] and blends it with elements of hard rock, diminishing the
Members of Dorothy including (from left) guitarist DJ Black, drummer Dylan Howard and lead singer Dorothy Martin perform
Nearly two years ago, I wrote a piece here about a documentary called Inside L.A. Metal: The Pioneers of L.A. Hard Rock & Metal where I interviewed Director Bob Nalbandian and Producer Carl Alvarez. Well they are back with Volume 2! Join us as we chat about the just-released follow-up, Inside Metal: The L.A. Metal Scene Explodes!
Buying metals online has been a common option for people all across various industries for some time now. Getting a hold of a metal can be a tough thing to do locally, so being able to buy metals online allows those who cannot buy it locally to do so.
Former PANTERA and DOWN bassist Rex Brown will release his solo debut album next year. The effort, which he describes as
Speaking of the new record, how did that idea original come about to do a full-length music album? Jim Breuer is set continuing
(Photo Credit: Justin Reich) Zakk Wylde brings the Book of Shadows II tour to the Majestic Theatre in Detroit on Thursday