Animals played starring roles in most of Dr. Seuss' works, so it's a treat for many people to see another book featuring animals, What Pet Should I Get?, published decades after his death. The publishers honored the kind author by including a PETA-requested addendum urging families who are considering welcoming animals into their homes and hearts to adopt, not shop, for them. But there is more to be said.
"Sure, I can roll over. No problem," the hedgehog in this video probably thought to itself. Little did he know it was going
This is one hungry, hungry hedgehog. Video of the adorable 4-day-old hoglet being hand-fed was posted by the United Kingdom
Unfortunately (and pretty adorably), in the case of the video above, those "new friends" were pine cones. We can see where
To keep up with Biddy's adventures, follow him on Instagram. We can't wait to see what adventures await this lil' hog in
Hedgehogs commonly snore, as well as make noises like hissing, chirping, huffing and coughing. When Puti the albino hedgehog
Hedgehogs are adorable and that's a fact. So take a moment to feast your eyes on the impossible cuteness of these sleepy
If you can get past the somewhat prickly exterior, hedgehogs are a total bundle of cute. It also turns out that one hedgehog
Then I went to the Death Market. It's not all gross gore -- I did find one living thing in the Witchdoctor market... Penny
"I want to make Darcy the most famous hedgehog in the world," Tsukamoto told the Instagram Blog. With a smile like hers, we
There's something about hedgehogs that make them inherently funny and adorable all at once. It might be their wee lil' hands