hedwig and the angry inch broadway

For those who don't know, did any of you guys know each other before taking the stage as Tits of Clay? Justin Craig: I've
"In my experience, Broadway is far more liberal and a lot less concerned with race," he explained. "I think, because there
“I've got a grin plastered on my face that Darren is joining the brotherhood of Hedwigs," Mitchell said in an email statement
Hall as Hedwig is a physical goddess, thigh muscles rippling as she struts across the stage one minute, then the next minute lowers to a full knee bend, crouching and jumping, climbing the side of the stage a second later.
As it turns out, it isn't Rannells' first time playing the character. As he tells Fallon, he previously starred as Hedwig
Harris' last appearance in the Broadway version of John Cameron Mitchell's original 1998 musical is scheduled for August
So we have one more example of gay men performing drag for major audiences and misconstruing for the masses what it means to be transgender.
Does being in a band help you get into the world of the show as well? For sure. Being in a band for seven years has been
Lena Hall as Yitzhak, Hedwig's husband Still, to the creative team, there was no question that Neil was the right man for
Neil Patrick Harris is making headlines for allegedly heckling an overzealous fan during a performance of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" on Broadway, but the actor insists the incident was part of the act.