heidi cruz

Heidi Cruz, a Goldman Sachs executive, said she has to work 70-hour weeks as the family's "primary breadwinner."
"I just don't like the guy," former president reportedly said about the Texas senator in 2015.
Cruz is trying to fight off a strong challenge in the November election from Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke.
They didn't cringe when Trump reneged on the Mexican wall. So why is PussyGate the tipping point? Why is this particular
Political incorrectness is not why decent people feel revulsion at what Trump says and does. Decent people object because what he says and does is indecent, ignorant and wrong.
By giving Mr. Cruz the opportunity to discover, through his own free will, the right and proper thing to do in this place, on this occasion, Mr. Trump delivered the most conservative act of this election.