heidi heitkamp gun control

Several years ago after the Newtown massacre, when Adam Lanza took his rage out on a classroom defenseless students and teachers, I wrote a piece castigating a number of Democratic Senators who dug their heads into the sand and refused to close basic background check loopholes.
Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) criticized New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's federal gun control push on Tuesday, advising the mayor that he should be more worried about gun violence in his own city than in North Dakota, the Grand Forks Herald reported.
Her statement came in response to the recent $12 million ad buy from Mayors Against Illegal Guns, pushing senators in key
The full statement is below: The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence's quick attack shows the group wields a formidable budget
The Washington Post on Saturday reported that the Obama administration is weighing a broad approach to tackling the gun issue