Heinrich Himmler

Entries reveal calls to family members -- and orders for executions.
Philippe Sands, an eminent London-based human rights lawyer, stands in a grassy field near Lvov, the Polish/Ukrainian home
This is the story of Henrich Himmler told by himself and his family through their letters and personal diaries, which were not burned as he requested. They were secreted away by an American until the '60s, then given to the Israeli archivists.
If there was ever any doubt about the enormity of the crimes the Nazis perpetrated at Sobibór, it should now forever disappear.
Of course, the syntax of this last note to Margarete, or Marga, who the Times describes as previously divorced and seven
The Reichsführer and his party stopped briefly to admire the city’s magnificent castle, then moved on to their ultimate destination
Chanoch Ze'evi's documentary, Hitler's Children, tracks down survivors of the top command of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. What they've made of the world is unique from person to person and raises questions in the viewer, as well.
It never crossed my mind that I would ever speak or write negatively about the work of a fellow filmmaker. I am sure the makers of The Reader are not deniers. But they are helping those who are.