When President Trump misheard a question about the United States releasing aircraft to Nigeria to combat terrorism, he launched into a discussion on trade and the quality of American helicopters.
It was a whirlwind tour, as I said. So let's take it up an intellectual capital notch. What creates an innovation community
Indiefab Awards honor "the very best of indie publishing each year," Foreword said. Winners of the 18th annual awards, selected
I've got big news for all you serious outdoor types: Maine's Katahdin isn't the climbing adventure you thought it was. Mt. Mansfield? Mt. Washington? These nubs are a walk in the park.
The short-term implications of the helicopter transfer should be minimal. Pakistan will be unhappy with it, but is unlikely to pay it much mind -- especially amid the sudden warming period in India-Pakistan relations, and also as Russia, which partnered with India on the helicopter deal, has quietly expanded its defense relations with Islamabad.
Patricia Cornwell is known to millions of readers worldwide. She has won nearly every literary award for popular fiction and has authored 29 New York Times bestsellers.
Writing a book is not like journalism. For one thing, it takes longer. Sometimes a lot longer. In a four-decade career in news, I wrote on tight deadlines, often under pressure, and with no excuses for a story that didn't get done on time.
We recommend following the police helicopter on Twitter at @DePolitieHeli for jaw-dropping aerial shots of fires, cityscapes
You may recognize Lorenzo Lamas for his roles in long-running series like "Falcon Crest," "Renegade" and "The Bold and the
Where is the Iraqi Air Force? What does the Iraqi Air Force consist of? How many attack helicopters and attack fighters does it have in flyable condition? Most importantly, how many trained pilots does it have who can fly combat missions?