In that spirit, and after an hour of painstaking research, we reveal what many progressives really think about the holiday.
And that's why she's "The Queen." Helen Mirren has one of the best British accents in the biz, so on Monday, Jimmy Fallon
“They did a stellar job in doing this—incredibly impressive,” Biller says. “They’re peeling back the branches to get to the
Earlier this year, Morgan Freeman almost blew up the Internet with a video of himself talking after sucking down some helium
18-year-old Raul Oaida has taken his love of Lego's to new heights. The Romanian teenager teamed up with Australian space
What other secrets might graphene hold? Dr. Nair offered the following explanation for graphene's odd little trick: A paper
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IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Aid slowly reaches Pakistan as historic flooding continues; Plastic Bag Wars in California; Another
Until the current administration puts its foot down and deep-sixes this idiotic policy, hats off to John for reminding us that sometimes laughter can take the sting away.
Today marks the 82nd annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. It also marks the second year that the helium