Hell On Wheels

The suspect hit six parked vehicles on two different streets.
Usually a different story location refreshes a TV series. Take the action thriller 24, beginning at the Los Angeles location
Byron Mann is the new guy on the set of AMC's Hell on Wheels. Byron also stars in the Lionsgate actioner ABSOLUTION opposite Steven Seagal. Byron also babysits my hatchlings, cleans my house and reads me bedtime stories. Hey, a girl can dream!
You have to give AMC credit for a cable network rolling out a continuing unique entertainment experience. And of its current five dramas, both The Walking Dead and Hell on Wheels had ushered in surprising changes to their storyline characters this year.
Unfortunately, most who are calling for Net Neutrality or Title II don't get the underlying issue -- It's all about one company 'vertically integrating,' meaning controlling all of the primary services over the wire
Last Saturday's November 15, 2014 episode of the AMC western drama Hell on Wheels had to have had everyone watching in suspense. Then it happened. The mobile town of Hell on Wheels in Cheyenne had lost a courageous spiritual overseer.
In last Saturday's episode, Snow returns to Hell on Wheels not long after being freed from jail by the Provisional Governor
This past Saturday's episode of Hell on Wheels titled "Elam Ferguson," was heartrending. It also depicted profoundly memorable performances by all actors involved.
Ahhh, the gorgeous MacKenzie Porter. MacKenzie is a self-starter who has entertainment in her genes. Music, acting and I'm sure there will be something else she takes on during her career!
It's hard to decided what's more cold-blooded -- Walter White's slow-decline into Hell or the transformation of AMC?
Thanks to his lead role as the rugged Cullen Bohannon on AMC's hit Western series Hell On Wheels, audiences are discovering what many have quietly known for a long time -- actor Anson Mount is the real deal.
The AMC Western Hell on Wheels returns Aug. 10 with a two-hour premiere that picks up in the winter of 1867. We find former
"Hell On Wheels" moves to Saturdays on August 10, 9 p.m. ET with a two-hour special. See the exclusive "Hell on Wheels" Season
But if Mount has anything to do with it, "Hell On Wheels" will only continue to grow. "It’s been a personal vendetta of mine
From plane crashes to pacemaker hacking, TV characters met their fates in a variety of ways in 2012. There were also zombie
"Hell on Wheels" Season 3 is scheduled to begin production shortly for a tentative third-quarter 2013 premiere. The Anson
"Hell On Wheels" Season 3 is on hold. AMC recently renewed the period drama starring Anson Mount and Common, but plans for
"It’s been a personal vendetta of mine to open up new facets of the character this season, that are perhaps softer and lighter
In the exclusive photo (below), Virginia Madsen's unexpected arrival causes turmoil. The AMC series, set in 1865, centers