hell's angels

Members of the motorcycle club were volunteering outside of a Walmart when they were asked to leave.
George Christie was a Hell's Angel for forty years. He was president of the high-profile Ventura chapter of the club and biker legend holds that Songs of Anarchy is modeled after his own story and struggles with the club.
Just when it seemed Motorcycle Club profiling couldn't get any worse: On May 11, 2016, while hosting a charity event for kids, patched members were targeted and harassed by over 60 local and state law enforcement officers.
Too bad for George Christie. His delusional memoir might be half believable, if there weren't so many people alive who actually know the truth. Starting with Sonny Barger...
As early as the third grade -- while his friends were imagining futures as firefighters, pilots, and race car drivers -- young Patrick Eberhardt never once wavered: "I'm going to be a Hells Angel, just like my dad."
A bigoted social mentality has empowered the United States government to place multiple international members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club on a no-entry list -- under the guise of the Patriot Act -- while engaging little, if any, public outcry.
Edgy animation memorializes Studs Terkel's interview with the great Hunter S. Thompson.
Photo: RJ Wilson, Rodney Cabrera/BikerHotline.com Photo: RJ Wilson, Rodney Cabrera/BikerHotline.com A Reddit post capturing
If you have only been skimming me for the last few months, you'll enjoy this immensely, Ifn I says so my own selves.
Branding has become so important, and so important in representing our commercial stakes, that even the Hells Angels now make sure that their image remains pure, in a manner of speaking. The club sues often to protect how it is represented.