Helmut Newton

Raymond Pettibon No Title (I stole my sister boyfriend), 1984 Original artwork used for Sonic Youthss album "Goo" in 1990
He was one of the the first artists to introduce sensuality and eroticism to the world of fashion photography.
13) Rock'N'Roll Photography: A Retrospective 15) The Polaroid Book 7) David Bailey: Look 2) National Geographic Photography
Want to have your photography featured here? Tweet me your best images @28mmphotos. Freek Bartels is a Dutch musical star
2. Here's Marge rocking a serious cutout ensemble. We're not sure if either Newton fans or Simpsons fans will feel comfortable
I'm a big admirer of iconic fashion photographer Helmut Newton and continue to be drawn to his evocative body of work. I particularly love his depiction of beautiful, hyper-strong women. Despite the S&M overtones, his subjects seem empowered; in control yet fiercely feminine.
2013-06-27-jayweston627.jpg The protagonists of most of his photos were women: heroic, powerful, and fiercely feminine.
If you're in New York and at all interested in photography, do yourself a favor and check out this show.
I decided to pick Bennet Cobliner's brain about the evolution of the "medium" used to convey images and how that and other factors have impacted the image-maker's techniques as well as the pictures themselves. These were my takeaways from that discussion.
Now, thirty years later those boys -- Mark Arbeit, George Holz and Just Loomis -- are paying homage to the great photographer