Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton Self Portrait with Wife and Models, Paris , 1981 Gelatin silver print Signed, titled, date and annotated For
He was one of the the first artists to introduce sensuality and eroticism to the world of fashion photography.
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London-born and Berlin-based singer Emika was shot in a glass mask with insects embedded in it. We used this image to tease
Homer steers clear of the donuts and his signature blue jeans ensemble, opting instead for a suave suit and the occasional
I'm a big admirer of iconic fashion photographer Helmut Newton and continue to be drawn to his evocative body of work. I particularly love his depiction of beautiful, hyper-strong women. Despite the S&M overtones, his subjects seem empowered; in control yet fiercely feminine.
2013-06-27-jayweston627.jpg The protagonists of most of his photos were women: heroic, powerful, and fiercely feminine.
If you're in New York and at all interested in photography, do yourself a favor and check out this show.
I decided to pick Bennet Cobliner's brain about the evolution of the "medium" used to convey images and how that and other factors have impacted the image-maker's techniques as well as the pictures themselves. These were my takeaways from that discussion.
“They were the only three assistants who worked with him and became photographers in their own right. Each had a unique relationship
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The renowned surrealist painter Salvador Dali's meeting with seminal African-American supermodel, Donyale Luna, at his hideaway in the Spanish fishing village of Cadaqués, Catalonia in 1966 marked an amazing moment where art and beauty collide.
IMDB describes him as the most acclaimed director since Luis Buñuel, to which Almodovar (in a brief interview just prior
Helmut Newton, "Saddle I" from the series "Sleepless Nights," 1975-1978. / © The Helmut Newton Estate/Maconochie Photography
Helmut Newton is responsible for some of the most iconic fashion photographs of all time, such as Sie Kommen, a photograph
KL: Do you think the artist in you takes over - or are you just showing the clothes to the best advantage? RH: That's a bit
BERLIN - When Helmut Newton came down with the flu while living in Paris in 1970, he was faced with a quandary: Who would
In another, taken in 1987 by Pamela Hanson, she is smoking a cigarette in very brief white bikini bottoms with white T-shirt