by Kara Baskin It’s difficult when we feel the heavy weight of anxiety bearing down on us, but watching a loved one deal
I know what you're thinking: a happy comedian? Isn't that an oxymoron? All I can say is: an infantile reality-TV star has
Over the years, we've had many opportunities to walk away from this model. But even though it was incredibly challenging
More questions:​ Behavioral Economics: What do people find depressing or disheartening about behavioral economics? Interpersonal
Acknowledging the dualism between body and symbol in an awareness of death motivates us to live life to its fullest and to heal the world.
The Hellenic Education and Language Program is a not-for-profit, community-based initiative of the Hellenic diaspora of America
Exercise: 1. Write down all the activities that you typically do in a day.
As cliche as it sounds, by telling your story you'll realize you were never alone.
Learn to ask for help - This sound obvious but most of us struggle to be clear about the help we need from others. Try to
Conclusion: Considering the subject of luck can help us appreciate the moment and increase our compassion toward people who are less fortunate.
Ultimately, learning to accept defeat means learning to maintain our personal worthwhile feeling helpless. I highly recommend seeking support from someone who understands what it means to affirm personal worth, helping us override the cultural imperative to be victorious at all cost.
We can't force someone to forgive. Therefore, the road to forgiveness may also involve understanding the person who has harmed us. This requires starting off on a journey that may entail a close examination of the person we need to forgive. The journey can be long and torturous.
I recently had the pleasure of talking to a group of high school students in a summer writing program about college application essays.
Sometimes, we need to come together to move forward when something terrible happens. On June 12, 2016, Orlando was rocked by tragedy as a lone gunman opened fire inside Pulse Nightclub. Killing 49 people and wounding 53 more.
Graduation has come and gone. Now it's time to look forward to back to school season. Sometimes exciting, sometimes overwhelming. Especially when it comes to spending money.
If you take care of all your needs, physically and mentally, then you will be able to fully care for your special needs child. And believe me, your child needs you in every possible area of his or her life, but you need to help yourself before you can help others.