Admittedly, pecking order is a rule of nature, even though our American forefathers promoted the concept that "all men are created equal." That is not so today in our country where the biggest bird not only has the advantage of eating the most seed, but shrieking if the little birds attempt to eat at all.
As James Heckman says, kids pick up the "soft skills" in preschool that allow them to work with others. "Valuable skills like how to resolve conflicts, how to share, how to negotiate, and how to talk things out."
For just 17 cents per meal, you can fund high quality oatmeal for those who need it most. It is inexpensive, highly nutritious and light to transport.
Last time I checked -- this was a proud capitalist country. Founded on the principles of the great Adam Smith. We are all about making money -- not nursing a bunch of malingerers and malcontents.
Measuring poverty in a way that more accurately reflects today's demands on a family's budget is necessary to ensure that no family is left behind.
As he filled the heavy bags of apples to be donated to the poor, a thought came Noah Lukeman. What if we could have a lighter food to transport that contained a longer shelf life?
This Thanksgiving, by all means make a donation to a food bank or volunteer in a soup kitchen. And then resolve to become an advocate for policy changes that can alleviate the need for them.