A perfect storm of pregnancy-related side effects triggers them.
I used to work with a woman who hated me. HATED ME. There's an expression in the online world, B*tch Eating Crackers. BEC
"Chronic opioid use after surgery may be one of the most common complications after surgery."
Just as shape, consistency and timing of our bowel movements are important indicators as to the health of our digestive system, so too is the colour of our poo. Brown, red, white or green, these colours tell us much about not only the foods that we eat, but whether you're absorbing important nutrients or have a bowel condition.
7. Gas With all the other charming pregnancy side effects comes gas. A girlfriend of mine was pregnant with her first and
If you're sitting on the toilet reading this, it's high time you squatted instead. Though little practiced in the United States, crouching down on the commode is how most of the world has pooped into antiquity. And science is starting to catch up.
Our grandparents were right that we become wiser when we get older. But I didn't expect I'd also become a better physician. And there is still progress to be made. I'm really glad I am making this transformation.
"I see a lot of people in my office with complaints of hemorrhoids. Only about half of the time is it actually that they
Spectators may have been surprised when Ponzio began bleeding profusely from his backside during play against Boca Unidos
My pregnant friends welcomed me to the club, a club that pops little purple pills, sleeps sitting up and whose members eschew nachos in favor of oatmeal. I do not want to be in this club.
Word had got out that I was pregnant, and it didn't take long for one of the guests to come barreling across the room, eyes shining with the unwavering focus of someone about to cut a line of cocaine.
Men and women chew qat in gender-specific sessions, although some avant-garde families hold mixed gatherings.
First off, many of them do things they would never ever tell a client to do. Also, They totally think you look fat in those pants.