hemp legalization

My opponent is not just one of a group of obstructionist legislators, he is personally responsible for killing bills in his Judiciary Committee related to any number of issues important to the majority of Americans.
When it comes to industries like finance and media, the rest of the country - and even the world - looks to New York City for excellence. We believe that very soon the rest of the world will be looking to New York State, specifically its Southern Tier, for excellence in farming hemp. And we will all be better for it.
Hemp has a long history in America and has encompassed a wide range of products, including paper, oils, cosmetics and textiles
It's a crazy-useful plant that's good for the environment. Read more on www.upworthy.com
Students then probed into how we could have hemp products out on display. Therein is a troubling contradiction: hemp is not
Polis called DEA chief Michele Leonhart "a terrible agency head" who has embarrassed herself and her agency. "What has the
Comer said he was pleased with Heyburn's handling of the hearing. "It sounds like a victory, but I'm not going to declare
"The cultivation of industrial hemp ... is lawful," a motion filed by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture reads. "The
"I think I have a copy of the Congressional Record lying around my office that shows that Congress just debated this issue
The veterans' group Growing Warriors will also be at the event, said Stansbury. The program helps veterans to re-enter civilian