hemp legalization

My opponent is not just one of a group of obstructionist legislators, he is personally responsible for killing bills in his Judiciary Committee related to any number of issues important to the majority of Americans.
When it comes to industries like finance and media, the rest of the country - and even the world - looks to New York City for excellence. We believe that very soon the rest of the world will be looking to New York State, specifically its Southern Tier, for excellence in farming hemp. And we will all be better for it.
Hemp has a long history in America and has encompassed a wide range of products, including paper, oils, cosmetics and textiles
It's a crazy-useful plant that's good for the environment. Read more on www.upworthy.com
As more people recognize the health, economic, and environmental benefits of industrial hemp, we will have a stronger economy
"What has the DEA done to deserve a $35 million raise?" Polis asked on the House floor Thursday afternoon. "Why are we singling
During Friday's hearing, U.S. District Judge John G. Heyburn II demanded that the DEA state exactly what would be needed
Industrial hemp production was legalized for research in the recent farm bill, but the DEA contends that importation remains
Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), who introduced the hemp amendment to the farm bill along with Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) and
"DEA is actively working with state officials to resolve outstanding issues related to importation of hemp seeds," a Department
Maybe we will even see a resurgence in hemp jewelry... 8. It can replace plastic Henry Ford famously built a car out of hemp
But more than a dozen members of Congress, including Blumenauer, have sponsored legislation aimed at reforming federal marijuana
Added to that is the recent passage of the Farm Bill, which legalizes industrial hemp production for research purposes in
"Part of what is going on with the hemp discussion is that people are seeing through the nonsense that somehow this is cover
As recently as December, McConnell derided the Senate measure as a "food stamp" bill, because the Senate's version only cut
"Oregonians have made it clear that they believe industrial hemp should be treated as an agricultural commodity, not a drug
Hemp One Step Closer To Legalization
Colorado made history last week when it became the first state to harvest hemp in nearly 60 years. Under federal law, hemp
"Vermont farmers are ready to lead the nation and considering the U.S. Justice Department’s recent marijuana ruling, many
According to the Post, Colorado hemp advocate Michael Bowman gave the flag -- made with Colorado-grown hemp -- to Polis, who