henri cartier-bresson

"There is nothing in this world that does not have a decisive moment."
"I've always conceived photography from the very outset as this opportunity to be, not only a diary and an autobiography of my life, but also a reflection of a world that I would want to live in."
"Irreconcilable Images," the current exhibition of photographic images by Kevin O'Leary at Arcature Fine Art in Palm Beach, is a memorable event that examines the curious aesthetic merits of places and people that often display an inherent incompatibility.
In the gallery below, and with Peter's permission, I have included several of Peter's photos from his current retrospective
"I do believe in magic. The magic that happens when I am pointing a camera at life and freeze a few hundredths of a second into an image. Afterwards that image turns into this thing that communicates what I think and feel about the world."
Garry Winogrand is a name often heard in street photography conversations. Winogrand was a machine gun photographer before
At the intersection of the Rue Servandoni and the Rue du Canivet in Paris's 6th Arrondissement lies a green painted storefront that once housed a restaurant called Le Bon Saint Pourcain.
At the time of William Eggleston's exhibition, color was shunned in serious photography circles. Until then photographers used color only for advertising and journalism, and it was widely despised by the mainstream art world of the time.
MES: I'm currently working with Arne on an upcoming feature. Stay tuned. I see you have a BFA in photography. How has this
"I could have had a sabbatical, a couple of them, but there's nothing I wanted to do more than teach in a classroom of young
In one version of our lives, childhood is a series of deprivations and desires whereby we want things we can't have, some of which we grow out of or just forget.
On November 2nd, Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York will open a two part solo show on Meyerowitz's work. The New York based
Upon returning to France, Cartier-Bresson abandoned painting entirely and threw his lot in with the Surrealist photographers
His lanky, pale skinned muses play in the sand, kick spontaneously through cobbled streets and pout provocatively at the
See How Artists From John Chamberlain to Liam Gillick Inspired the Designs of London Fashion Week Ben Stiller and David Zwirner
Early on, I discovered, to my great dismay, that some people, even well-known iPhonographers, manipulated their pictures
I entered the gallery and saw the photographs in the kind of perfect clarity only a personal viewing can provide. Before me were six achingly poignant moments of quotidian life frozen in time and rendered significant.
A few years back, I was introduced to a visual artist named Adam CK Vollick, who was filming the recording of an album. And it was unlike anything I had seen before.
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