henry kissinger

It’s difficult to express the deep irony of Donald Trump sitting down with Henry Kissinger for a photo-op the day after he
The former secretary of state is almost positive that Kushner exists.
However, under President Barack Obama the U.S. courted conflict against both powers. Against China the administration staged
A freshly retired British diplomat, Lord Ricketts joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in 1974. After various
There have been reports about the president elect meeting lots of pretenders to the cabinet and also prominent democrats
The trips were great because she was very gracious and very good to work with and we looked after her. We are also there
It was former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel. He was running against Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the democratic party's presidential nomination. But things looked bleak. Gravel was losing to either the mainstream democratic steamrolling machine or to a fakes-left-but-runs-down-the-middle newbie.
Thank God for Russia – otherwise Hillary Clinton would have to address insensitive questions about the Trans-Pacific Partnership and her bankrupt foreign policy.
By which I mean her entire e-mail archive as United States secretary of state, which basically tells an analyst what she
Usually CEOs are more cautious when it comes to politics, but this election is anything but usual. However, while many have questioned Trump's personality or track record, very few have addressed the larger trend that his candidacy represents: the decline of globalization.
By seeking to reinforce her conservative foreign policy credentials, Clinton is seeking to move even more to the center while assuming that fear of Trump will keep her left critics from abandoning her in large numbers.
World leaders and NATO allies at the 2016 Warsaw Summit can pledge their "long-term commitment to Afghanistan through the Enduring Partnership," but it won't change a thing.
Banking executive Barney Frank announced today that the Democratic Party will ramp up its efforts to appear inclusive on any issue that doesn't directly impact the financial interests of the affluent Eisenhower Republicans who own it.
When a group uses prominent people to promote its arguments, it's prudent to ask: Who are these people? Can we trust them? Are they wise and just?
To those of you who say Berners will have to vote for Hillary because they'll have nowhere else to go, I say you're wrong -- those Berners could go to a third party or the living room couch, to sit out the Presidential election. Walk it back from AIPAC, Hillary, and never again say Kissinger.
Last month, as part of Ralph Nader's four-day conference in Washington, DC, Breaking Through Power, my friend Raed Jarrar
The peace process in Afghanistan relies on an unholy trinity consisting of the Taliban, Pakistan and the United States. Sadly, Afghanistan doesn't wield sufficient strength or influence to extricate itself from this war.